The department chairman, in addition to teaching and research, leads day-to-day with the help from administrative secretaries, technical staffs and teaching assistants following guidelines set out by National Taiwan University directives and the policies decided upon in the Faculty Meetings, the ‘highest’ power within the department. All administrative and technical staff as well as student representatives are invited to join with faculty members in the meeting.

In addition, this department also has twelve working committees to help the department in related matters,

such as:
(1) staff assessment committee
(2) course review committee
(3) committee on the environment, security and hygiene
(4) committee for student assistantships, scholarships and fellowships
(5) committee for seminar and speech
(6) finance committee
(7) student enrollment committee
(8) library and Information commission
(9) advisors’ working committee
(10) graduate advisor committee

This department also has an ad hoc faculty assessment committee. Following university policy, the department utilizes a retreat system for faculty members where every three to five years, the ad hoc assessment committee evaluates the research and teaching achievements of their peers and has been used to great effect in enhancing our programs.