alt Earth sciences are of fundamental importance to society by discovering natural resources (water, fuels, and minerals) and utilizing them wisely, understanding and dealing with natural hazards we face (earthquakes, volcanoes and landslides), and in understanding how life and the earth interact and how to mitigate the environmental problems we have created. The study of Geology has a long tradition in Taiwan and the Department of Geology was one of the four original departments of the College of Sciences at Taihoku Imperial University which was established during the later stage of Japanese occupation of Taiwan (1895-1945). After World War II, this Department became one of the founding departments of the fledging National Taiwan University, located in the southern corner of the campus. Initially, the Department offered only undergraduate courses. In 1956, the graduate program was launched and five years later awarded its first M.S. degree in Geology. The Ph.D. program was created in 1970. 

Historically the curriculum and research of the Department were centered on two areas, mineralogy/petrology and paleontology/stratigraphy. In order to keep up with the demands of an ever changing society, the graduate program was expanded to include both traditional geology and applied geology disciplines in 1993. Later in 2000, the department changed its name to the “Department of Geosciences”. In 2001, the study of geophysics was added to the department as a developing field where, in just three short years, the department was rated as one of the top ten departments on the National Taiwan University campus in 2004 owing to achievements in teaching and research.

Our goals are straightforward and we, as members of the Department of Geosciences, are firmly committed to seeking out superior teachers and researchers to teach students about the earth, educate scientists and engineers as future leaders in the fields of earth sciences, and offer lasting research in these areas so essential to human life. To this end, we aim to discharge our duties responsibly and thereby contribute to the further development of the field of geosciences and society here at home and abroad.