altTeaching and research facilities in the Department of Geosciences are among the best of earthsciences departments in Taiwan. Major geochemistry instruments include: a multi-collector ICPMS, a mass spectrometer (MS) for stable isotope analysis, a mass spectrometer for noble gas isotope analysis, two MS for 40Ar/39Ar dating and counting system for C-14 dating, facilities for fission track dating, thermo-luminescence dating, an electron microprobe, X-ray diffractometers (single-crystal/powder), a X-ray fluorescence analyzer, an quadrupole ICP-MS spectrometer (ICP-MS), an ICP atomic emission spectrometer (ICP-AES), devices for high T-P experiments (both piston cylinder and diamond anvil), and emission spectroscope. These state-of-art facilities (shown in Table 1) strongly support teaching and research in the fields of geochemistry and geological studies, not only for the department but also for collaborative teams around the world. Computer facilities include personal computers, servers and a Beowulf PC cluster. All the computer systems are linked by a network backbone accessible throughout the campus network at National Taiwan University and Internet systems outside the campus as well. To meet the demands of geophysical, geodetic and information studies, the department works very hard in constantly upgrading the hardware and software systems to gain better computation capability. All these in-house facilities are installed in 28 laboratories supporting research and teaching efforts in the department. In addition to the in-house facilities, there are also a number of on site real time monitoring systems in the field, including four gas/water monitoring stations equipped with GC Mass and QMS and six GPS stations. All these on site monitoring systems are fully computerized and automated, and the signals can be transferred directly to the department through the computer networks. Currently, the Department has approximately 15,000 monographs and 200 periodicals housed in the Main Library located just a few blocks away from the Department. Most of the journals are subscriptions in both paper and electronic formats and are freely accessible through the Internet systems.

Table 1 List of laboratories and their equipments in the Department
Labortory Sponsor Major Facilities
Active Tectonics Lab. Wen-Shan Chen Total Station (Leica / TCR1150)
Ar-Ar Geochronolog Lab. Ching-Hua Lo VG 3600 mass spectrometer, Varian-MAT GD150 mass spectrometer, US Nd-YAG laser, New Wave LUV 266 laser ablation system
Ceramics & Material Lab. Mao-Hua Teng Vapor deposition vacuum chamber
Ceramics & Material Lab. Mao-Hua Teng Vapor deposition vacuum chamber
Electron Microprobe Analysis Lab. Cheng-Hong Chen Electron microprobe
Fission Track Geochronology Lab. Tsung-Kwei Liu Polarization microscope (Leitz orthophan pol)
Gas Geochemistry Lab. Tsanyao Frank Yang Gas chromatography (VARIAN), Helium (He) analysis, Radon (Rn) analysis (MICROMASS / NG5400)
Gas Mass Spectrometer Lab. Tsanyao Frank Yang Mass spectrometer for noble gas analysis (VG 5400), Mass spectrometer
Geodesy & Remote Sensing Lab. Jyr-Ching Hu Permanent GPS stations
Geomaterial Property Lab. Hongey Chen Direct shear instrument (TECNOTECT), Consolidation instrument (TECNOTECT T663/020), Triaxial compression instrument (TECNOTECT TR-115)
Geophysics Lab. Shu-Huei Hung 32-bit Cluster, Disk array, 10KVA UPS, 24 port 1000/100/10 Mbps switch
Groundwater & Well Logging Lab. Yeeping Chia Groundwater & Well Logging system (ROBERSTONE)
Groundwater Lab. Tsung-Kwei Liu Atomic Absorption spectrometer (AAnalyst 100), fluorescence analyzer (Hitachi / F-2000)
High Temperature & Pressure Lab. Wuu-Liang Huang Piston-cylinder high pressure instrument
Micropaleontology Lab. Kuo-Yen Wei Scanning Electronic Microscope (Hitachi / S2400), microscope (MOTIC / M-700), Polarization microscope (Zeiss), Image analysis system, FAAS (PERKINELMER / AANALYST100)
ICP-MS Lab. 1 Chuan-Chou Shen Multi-Collector ICP-MS (Finnigan Neptune), Clean Lab.
ICP-MS Lab. 2 Sun-Lin Chung Quadrupole ICP-MS (Agilent 7500s), 213 nm NdYAG laser (New Wave)
PC Cluster Shu-huei Hung Numerical Modeling of Seismic Wave Propagation
Petroleum System Lab. Wuu-Liang Huang Gas Chromatograph (AGILENT 6890), Diamond Anvil Cell, Parr hydrothermal autoclaves
Pollen Extraction Lab. Ping-Mei Liew Sampler (ETH)
Radiocarbon Dating Lab. Tsung-Kwei Liu C-14 dating system (PHARMACIA / 1120QUANTULU)
Stable Isotope Geochemistry Lab. Yue-Gau Chen Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer (Finnigan MAT DELTA)
Stratigraphy & Tectonics Lab. Louis Suh-yui Teng Cell Counter (JAMESSWIFT / Model: F), PC, Digital Camera
Tectonics Lab. Chao-Nan Yang Polarization microscopes (Nikon / OPTIPHOT-POL)
Tectonics Modeling Lab. Chia-Yu Lu Sand box model, Camera (SENTECH / STC-70), stereoscopes (Nikon / Model:2)
Thermogravity& spectrum analysis Lab. Sheng-Rong Song Thermogravimetric Analyzer (76A/SDTA851)
Thermoluminescence Geochronology Lab. Yue-Gau Chen TL dating system (ELSEC 7188 thermoluminescence Dating System), OSL dating system (RISO TL/OSL-DA-15A/B)
Tree-Ring Lab. Tsung-Kwei Liu Tree-Ring Image Analyzer (AGFA), cutting machine (DENDRO 500)
X-Ray Diffractometer & Fluorescence Spectrometer Lab. Chi-Yu Lee X-ray system: powder diffraction (MAC SCIENCE / MXP3), X-ray fluorescence spectrometer (RIGAKU / RIX2000)